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Argentina coach Carlos Bilardo decided the blue cotton Aertex shirts would not be comfortable in the scorching sunshine of Mexico City. Soccer cred:The city was host to the opening U.S. World Cup games in 2026, based on amenities (accommodations, dining, other attractions), ease of access to stadium and whether the town/region has embraced soccer. Doonan said Brazil’s jersey does not change much from year-to-year, despite the country’s historic World Cup success. At least Nike was able to give them a good home jersey to look forward to. Nike got off to a good start when its jersey design for Nigeria’s team sold out just a few minutes after going on sale June 1. That was after Nike had already sold three million of the shirts in pre-sales. This snazzy blue-and-white zigzag design has aged remarkably well. And access can be confusing, as well. Positives: Cincinnati’s downtown and downtown-adjacent areas have improved rapidly in recent years, but a lot of long, hard work (and unappealing political squabbling) went into the amazing development of The Banks district between PBS and Great American Ballpark, as well as the gentrification of the trendy Over-The-Rhine neighborhood. Negatives: It’s hard to understand why so many great American outdoor stadiums opted for artificial turf over natural grass.

Negatives: It’s listed as Boston in the bid, but I’m almost as close to Boston sitting here writing this -from the Indianapolis suburbs -as I’d be if the World Cup were granted to Boston and I attended one of the games. If you weren’t lucky enough to score one, don’t worry, there is literally a whole world of World Cup jerseys out there. But his Guangzhou-based supplier-just one of many large scale producers of fakes-confirms that the business has shipped over 30,000 jerseys (worth up to 300 million naira ($830,000) in sales) to bootleggers in Nigeria alone, with another 20,000 shipped to sellers outside Nigeria. The record for a football shirt sale is Pele’s 1970 World Cup final jersey, which fetched £157,750 ($214,528) at auction in 2002. Pele wore it in the second half of the final against Italy — which makes us wonder how much more the shirt the Brazil legend wore in the first half while scoring his goal might be worth. You’d need to play 90 minutes to burn off one or two of those, but it’s worth it. 4 items: Please contact us If you need additional help, please feel free to message us.

This colour combination has been used a fair few times since, including another sash design this season, but the stripped-back ’70s version with red-and-blue cuffs and no collar can’t be beat. In line with the brand’s other World Cup jerseys, the Mexico 2018 kit draws inspiration from an iconic Adidas design of the past with a unique graphic print on the front. Over the next decade they won seven trophies including both the UEFA Cup and Coppa Italia in 1998-99, though this marked the first time they had ever worn yellow-and-blue hoops. It’s unique. Simple at the same time. It’s just that other cities seem to be a better fit. It’s a great result from adidas, but there was one shirt that I thought put Spain in second place. From the chunky collar to the old-school Nike logo, this shirt ticks every box for your kit-loving millennial. Two of the world’s biggest jersey manufacturers are American-based Nike and Germany’s Adidas.

The Azzurri went from Nike back to Italian brand Kappa, who started the trend for slimmer-fitting shirts with these skin-tight “Kombat” kits. Mandzukic was mobbed by teammates, who jumped on him in the corner and trapped photographers under them in the crush. This jersey, according to the club, was meant to pay homage to the nation of Brazil as it hosted that summer’s World Cup and to all of the Brazilian stars past and present who had represented the Rossoneri. Soccer cred: The Colorado Rapids have been a part of MLS since the league’s inception and won MLS Cup in 2010. Mile High hosted a game between Manchester United and Roma that drew more than 54,000 in July 2014. The Denver area was the site of the famous (or infamous) “Snow Clasico” in 2013, when the U.S. Soccer cred: Orlando joined Major League Soccer in 2015, after strong community support captured the league’s attention. Overview: Houston’s support for big soccer events gives it a chance, but it’d be a surprise if two Texas cities got in -which means Houston might have to pull a major upset. Negatives: Baltimore itself is much more lacrosse territory than a soccer hotbed.